Swish: Central Highlands Water acting general manager Lise Bales, Central Highlands Ballarat Miners Youth players William Hynes and Keele Hillas and Ballarat Basketball CEO Neville Ivey. Photo: CHIPPY RIVERA

Renewed partnerships, coaches and hope for the game

November 19, 2020 BY

AS community sport creeps further towards reigniting, Basketball Ballarat have announced the reappointment of the Miners Youth head coaches and an exciting new naming rights partner.

After a successful 2019 Season where Daniel Knaggs, assisted by Ryan McKew, coached the team win the BigV Youth League Division Championship, the pair will return to co-coach the Central Highlands Water Ballarat Miners Youth Men’s team in 2021.

Although it was disappointing that the team didn’t make the Champ Division, due to its unfortunate cancellation, McKew said he was looking forward to stepping up as co-coach for the season ahead.

“We have been fortunate to have success over the few years working together,” he said.

“Hopefully we can develop the next group of Youth League athletes to a high standard and continue the overall success of the club.”

Knaggs added, “We will endeavour to attack the 2021 season, with a thirst for competition that we have cultivated and evolved.

“We will work hard in the process to bring an exciting, competitive, high paced, basketball spectacle to the Championship Youth League Men and at our home court.”

Additionally, in support of the game, Central Highlands Water committed to the position of naming rights partner for the Ballarat Miners Rush Youth League team for the next two seasons.

Miners Rush Youth League player Keele Hillas said while she’s looking forward to getting back on the court, it’s great to know they have support from the local community behind them.

“I’m really excited to get these stands full and get our home crowd back because that’s what we want to play in front of,” she said.

“Without our sponsors we can’t get on the court so it’s awesome having a local sponsor being Central Highlands Water.

“It creates a great sense of community as well, we’re really looking forward to having them as our major sponsor this year.”

Along with the news of the naming rights partner, this seasons youth teams will be treated to new Spalding uniforms which will include the Central Highlands Water logo and align with the NBL1 South Senior and VJBL junior elite teams.

Central Highlands Water acting general manager Lise Bales said this is an exciting step forward for the Choose Tap Ambassador program and the associations partnership.

“We’ve been a partner for a long time but having the Youth League as one of our ambassadors is really exciting for us,” she said.

“We’re really strongly committed to supporting locals at this time, it’s been a really tough year for many especially local sporting associations.

“The Ballarat youth team will become great ambassadors and together we will encourage the community to make smart water choices and choose tap … we look forward to improving the health of our communities moving forward.”

While the teams prepare to commence pre-season training once restrictions permit, the Central Highlands Water Ballarat Miners Rush Youth women’s head coach will also be announced in the coming weeks.