Top ranking for young horse rider

June 7, 2024 BY

Superstar: Amelia Maree is ranked 45 in the world for young dressage riders. Photos: SUPPLIED

BALLARAT Grammar Year 7 student Amelia Maree is in the top 50 young dressage riders in the world after two podium finishes.

Amelia placed at two International Equestrian Federation Dressage Championships to become number 45 in the world.

“You have to get passports for equestrian and you need to go to competitions and there are limited amounts in Australia,” she said.

“All your scores are added up and it’s put on the database.”

One of these events was the Dressage with the Stars, Werribee, and Amelia said this competition was a highlight.

“My most exciting one for FEI was Dressage with the Stars in Werribee,” she said.

“That was really cool because there was a lot of big people.”

Amelia recently competed in Dressage with the Stars, Werribee.


Amelia began dressage after initially being interested in ballet and she said the two disciplines have similarities.

“My stepdad bought me a pony and I fell in love with it then,” she said.

“There is lots of balance, concentration and stuff like that.”

Amelia now aspires to make Grand Prix, which is the highest level of competition.

“I always want to improve and at least every ride get one per cent better,” she said.

“I definitely want to make it to Grand Prix and be up there.”