A passion for dance for everybody

March 8, 2024 BY

Danielle Courtier is the Principal and Artistic Director of Generate Dance and a former professional dancer.

AT twenty-five, Dylan (not his real name) always regretted giving up dance in year 9.

Dylan’s story is one many boys and young men would identify with – teasing at school and lack of direction in his later teens.

While Dylan’s parents were very supportive, the pressure to find a “proper” career was high.

Since the age of five, Amy attended dance lessons and events, up until about year 11 or 12.

VCE was simply too intense to allow her those weekly hours. A year later and she really misses that feeling that only dance can fill.

Sue had a similar background to Amy, although it’s been 20 years now.

Her ballet teachers always said that Sue had great potential for a career in dance. But family, work, and life in general kept it a long way down her list.

At Generate Dance, all of these people can rediscover that ‘something’ that held their passion for their formative years.

Dylan can finally express his creativity in a supportive atmosphere.

Sue can re-ignite the love of classical ballet in a personal, non-competitive environment.

Amy can explore that creative freedom that contemporary dance offers.

For The Love Of Dance

This phrase underpins all that Generate Dance, an emerging contemporary dance collective, is about – inspiring experienced and not-so-experienced dancers to come forward and share their passion for dance with like-minded others.

So what is contemporary dance, and what gives it so much appeal? In a nutshell, contemporary dance encourages creative freedom.

The forms it can take are very flexible, experimental and inspirational. And therein lies its appeal.

Generate Dance offers opportunities for people to draw from their personal journeys and create a means to express them through dance.

Participants can experiment and push boundaries – from enthralling drama to rapturous peace and everything in between – creating a unique dance experience.

Change your life? Maybe. Break out into new ways of thinking and doing? Absolutely.

Generate Dance can help you tap into your movement creativity, your rhythm, your musicality, effectively and in an inclusive, respectful and safe environment. Enquire today: [email protected].