Every stitch tells a story

February 28, 2024 BY

Kassie Blaszak from Interknit Branberry have increased the number of sizes and designs of their Australian made knitted baby blankets.

THE team at Interknit Branberry believe every baby blanket is a memory waiting to be made, from the first pixels on the design screen through to the hand finished care label, there is thoughtful intention in crafting baby blankets.

Company Director, Kassie Blaszak, has been expanding her range of customised name blanket designs since their launch in 2018.

Now available online in two sizes and over a dozen timeless designs, the popularity of these Australian made, Australian wool, knitted baby blankets speaks to a larger cultural shift towards sustainability and ethical consumption.

In an era dominated by mass production, consumers are increasingly seeking out gifts that are not only well-crafted but also environmentally conscious.

By supporting local designers and manufacturers who prioritise quality over quantity, consumers are contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future.

“We’re getting orders for custom name blankets that will be shipped overseas,” Kassie said.

“The customer is always excited to send a gift so meaningful, not just because it’s personalised, but because it’s an example of Australian made quality and the lifetime durability of the wool we grow here.”

Kassie is proud to back her blankets, she knows that owning the knitting mill is a unique opportunity to have control over every aspect of her product, from that initial spark of imagination to when she pops it into the post office after school pick up.

If every stitch tells a story, the Branberry Blankets made by Interknit Branberry would tell a story of resilience, determination and the entrepreneurial spirit of the women working behind the scenes.

The care and testing involved to ensure a super soft, all natural, machine washable and tumble dryable one of a kind blanket is intensive, but this is where they shine.

Interknit Branberry thrive by competing on the quality of their fibre, sourcing only the best Australian Merino Wool.

They have a rigid quality control system to ensure every single name blanket meets or exceeds specifications and they can produce the finished blanket within a working week.

Having produced blankets for over two decades, the longevity and craftmanship in a Branberry Blanket speaks for itself.

So, what is the next stitch in the Interknit Branberry story?

“Looking to the future, we’re actively embracing new technologies to get our little knitting mill known out in the market,” Kassie explained.

“We launched a new website last year and we’re working with a local company to create a space on it where customers can play around with colours and designs and preview their custom blankets in real time.”

The Interknit Branberry showroom and store in Ballarat is open six days a week and the general public are invited to browse an extensive range of fashion, homewares and baby blankets.

Samples of each custom design are available to touch and feel in store, or pop onto their new website at interknit.com.au.