Ignite your passion with Mel Tempest

March 8, 2024 BY

Trailblazer, Mel Tempest, has been kicking goals in the fitness industry for decades.

STEP into the world of Mel Tempest, a trailblazer in the fitness industry whose journey is marked by innovation, determination, and relentless success.

Since 2003 with humbling beginnings in a church hall as a gym, Mel has been making waves, earning accolades and recognition that solidify her status as a true leader in the field.

In 2017, Mel became the first Australian to receive an award from IHRSA, a testament to her pioneering spirit and dedication to excellence.

That same year, her health club soared to the top ranks, landing in the prestigious top 3 of the Smart Company awards.

But Mel didn’t stop there.

In 2019 she was honoured as one of the top three and in 2020 she was the top fitness business influencers in the USA by the Association Of Fitness Studios, cementing her place on the global stage.

Mel’s list of achievements doesn’t end with awards. Back in 2005, she made history by securing approval from the Equal Opportunity Board and Human Rights Commission to open Australia’s first male gym – an achievement that speaks volumes about her commitment to inclusivity and breaking barriers.

Fast forward to today, and Mel’s impact on the fitness industry is more profound than ever.

As the CEO and founder of Ignite Fitness Business Events, she orchestrates game-changing events and roundtable discussions worldwide.

Her podcasts, The Gym Owners Fitness Business Podcast serve as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration for fitness professionals everywhere.

But Mel’s influence extends beyond the airwaves. She’s a sought-after keynote speaker, igniting audiences with her passion for innovation and business strategy.

Mel’s current focus is on empowering clubs to carve out unique niches in their markets through cutting-edge programming, technology, and operational strategies.

What sets Mel apart is her unwavering dedication to her craft.

Despite her global success, she remains deeply rooted in her health club, Genesis in Ballarat, where she teaches daily and celebrates its 21st birthday this year.

Mel’s hands-on approach and unparalleled expertise make her a beacon of success in an ever-evolving industry.

Mel’s journey is one of triumph over adversity.

Without a formal education, she has risen to the top through sheer determination and grit.

Her autobiography has moved thousands, inspiring them to embrace change and pursue their dreams with unwavering tenacity.

In 2023, Mel was nominated for the AUSactive Director role, a testament to her standing as one of the most influential women in fitness.

Her commitment to fostering innovation and sharing is unwavering, as evidenced by her upcoming role at The Healthy Ageing Summit in 2024.

Earlier this year she was voted top five most influential women in fitness.

Mel’s impact on the fitness industry is undeniable.

Her brutal honesty and no-holds-barred approach to success have earned her a global reputation as a transformative force.

Whether she’s speaking at fitness business events or corporate events outside her industry, Mel’s message resonates loud and clear: with determination and passion, anything is possible.

Join Mel and unlock your full potential. Let her guidance propel you towards success and inspire you to lead bigger, bolder businesses.

The world of business awaits – will you heed the call?