Support by the numbers

March 8, 2024 BY

Local accountant Meegan Dunne is a member of the Ballarat Business Women network and on the board of WRISC.

WHEN Meegan Dunne first began her accounting career in public practice back in 1995, it was a heavily male dominated industry.

Since that time, accounting, much like many other professional industries have seen remarkable changes to become much more inclusive.

Having witnessed this change firsthand, Meegan is excited to see how the industry progresses into the future.

Meegan is now a director of local accounting firm, M & B Accountants, having acquired the firm in 2016.

In partnership with Brent Irvin, they operate a boutique firm specialising in providing a personalised and caring service to all clients.

They have a fantastic team of seven, the majority are women.

Reflecting upon her 28 years in public practice, Meegan often considers herself fortunate to have worked for an organisation that acknowledged that being a working mum posed unique challenges.

As a mum of two sons, she often found it difficult to coordinate care with her husband as the pair both worked fulltime, with Meegan taking on additional full-time study.

She said it was juggling act for her and her husband, which is true for so many working families, and one which many professional industries have started to cater for.

“It’s not just the day-to-day challenges, like finishing early to collect kids from school, but also those occasional sick days,” she said.

“That is what I am most grateful for, that the organisation I worked for was very supportive.”

Even now, Meegan said that the importance of a great support network is key, not just personally but professionally.

She understands that running a small business can be extremely challenging, often resulting in yourself undertaking several roles at once.

She said that realising that she cannot do everything was quite the challenge when she took over the firm in 2016, and a dilemma most business owner’s grapple.

Meegan, when faced this dilemma, began her search for a network of likeminded women who she could reach out to for both personal and professional advice.

She said when she came across the Ballarat Business Women it was pleasant surprise.

Now a board member, she said that having an extended team to assist in areas that are not typically her areas of expertise has proven invaluable.

She strongly encourages all likeminded women to join.

“Being part of the Ballarat Business Women network is an opportunity to develop relationships, both personally and professionally, with other women in a very caring and supportive way,” she said.

“It’s an opportunity to talk about your own business success, your challenges and what keeps you up at night.”

Whilst she initially joined the organisation for the professional relationship, Meegan has since formed many fantastic lifelong friendships by being part of such a supportive group of women.

Meegan is also serving her third year on the board of WRISC or Women’s Resource Information Support Centre, a local non-profit organisation which provides support for women and children affected by family violence.

She said that being part of such an important organisation is rewarding and extremely satisfying.

It is an opportunity for her to utilise her skills and knowledge in a volunteer role in a way that gives back to her local community.

Meegan strongly encourages all women to network and join local organisations in Ballarat region.

With more and more professional groups popping up across the region every week, she says that now is the time to get involved.