Business changing the concept of second-hand clothing

May 3, 2024 BY

Pre Loved Geelong won the home-based and micro businesses award, sponsored by Runway, at the Geelong Business Excellence Awards. Photo: SUPPLIED

Selling high-quality, on trend women’s and children’s clothes is at the centre of small business Pre Loved Geelong.

Now in its third year as a bricks and mortar store in Belmont, the business aims to provide a more sustainable way for people to shop and make money.

The team at Pre Loved Geelong curate a collection, which includes luxury pieces, through buying and selling items.

Last year, the business won the Home-based and Micro Businesses award, at the Geelong Business Excellence Awards.

Founder Lou Hammer said winning the award had a great effect on her team.

“Internally, staff morale got a big boost as at that time we were a small team of only three people,” she said.

“The award was a testament to all the hard work the team had done over the last 12 months.

“It was great to get that award for the team.”

Pre Loved Geelong has a focus on showing people high quality, on trend items can be purchased second hand. Photo: SUPPLIED


The application process was also beneficial to Ms Hammer and her employees as they could reflect on strengths and weaknesses of the business.

“It’s a really great opportunity for people to reflect on the things they are doing well and the things which may need a bit of work,” she said.

“The written application is quite extensive but that shouldn’t put people off.”

Pre Loved Geelong aims to transform the way people view second hand clothing and Ms Hammer said this is unique to the region.

“The consignment model is relatively unknown still in Australia where people give us their clothing to sell on their behalf,” she said.

“It’s about showing people that they don’t always have to buy something brand new to get quality.”

While the business is currently focused on women’s and children’s clothing, Ms Hammer has plans to expand.

“We’d like to branch out into a men’s range because there’s no one in the region doing that,” she said.

“We also have growth plans around more stores whether that be locally or around other regional areas.”

Entries to the GBEA will remain open until 4pm on Friday, July 12. For more information, head to gbea.com.au