Changing lives through resilience

May 3, 2024 BY

Justine Martin was awarded business leader of the year, sponsored by bay 93.9, at the Geelong Business Excellence Awards last year. Photo: SUPPLIED

Justine Martin has overcome three heart surgeries, two blood conditions, three primary cancers, and a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, but she has not let this stop her.

Despite being told she would likely never work again, Ms Martin now owns seven businesses under the Justine Martin Corporation.

This includes resilience coaching, publishing, designing, gardening, keynote speaking and more.

Ms Martin’s resilience, strength and leadership was recognised last year when she won the Business Leader of the Year Award, sponsored by bay 93.9, at the Geelong Business Excellence Awards.

The win has helped Ms Martin’s businesses gain more credibility and allowed her to access more media opportunities.

“It’s been amazing from the recognition of it which just gives me more credibility and I’ve had more work come in because of it,” she said.

Justine Martin runs seven businesses despite being presented with many challenges. Photo: SUPPLIED


Despite the challenges Ms Martin has faced, she said she is driven by the desire to help people.

“I love what I do. I love helping people and I get out of bed every day and think, ‘Whose life am I going to change today?'” she said.

“There’s a lot of people struggling out there who don’t know what direction to go to and there’s a lot of people in the disability community that need assistance.

“Because I am disabled, I see things in a different way than abled body people and people relate more to me when they have a disability than someone who doesn’t have a disability.”

Following last year’s win, Ms Martin has many new projects on the go, including a book, more award applications and creating online courses.

Ms Martin encouraged other businesses to apply for the awards and she said the process is a great way to strengthen a business.

“I can’t see a reason why not to do it,” she said.

“I enter lots of awards nationally and internationally and it’s a great way to market your business and get in front of an audience you wouldn’t normally be in front of.”

Ms Martin is offering help to businesses with award application writing.

Entries to the GBEA will remain open until 4pm on Friday, July 12. For more information, head to gbea.com.au