Bringing recycled denim vintage to Torquay

August 5, 2022 BY

Torquay based designer Jodie Hayes started Scout for Vintage in 2020. Photo: NATHAN RIVALLAND

BORN OUT OF a will to inspire a new wave of conscious consumption in the fashion industry, Scout for Vintage is the newest creative venture of Australian Designer Jodie Hayes.

Torquay based vintage denim store, Scout for Vintage, aims to adapt the habits of consumers by moving them away from fast fashion concepts towards a circular, recyclable fashion economy.

Starting the business during the pandemic, Hayes set out on a mission to change the fast fashion mentality and push the envelope by creating a store that leaves consumers with no reason to buy new denim again.

Hayes performs alternations and tailoring in store in Torquay. Photo: NATHAN RIVALLAND


Hayes has had a successful career in the fashion industry from designing and producing garments for well-known bands, to owning a women’s swimwear label, and has always been trying to find new ways of exploring her passion for fashion while creating a small environmental footprint along the way.

“I started Scout for Vintage because I wanted to share my passion for vintage denim while educating and creating a fun and welcoming space that replaces that jean dread,” Hayes said.

“Everyone has something they nerd out on and for me it’s vintage denim.

“SFV allows for inclusivity among its customers and enables sustainability in the denim market that currently has a big black mark over it.

“The denim industry is responsible for churning out a staggering two billion new pairs of jeans every single year, so we certainly want to change that.

“Not only does our store offer a healthy range of vintage denim for every shape and of course size, we offer the same tailoring and mending service to your own jeans already found in your closet.

“It’s special and unique to bring that to the people of Torquay.”

Hayes purchases quality vintage garments from various op shops across the region and sources items from top American wholesalers to create a denim wonderland for the Surf Coast community.

Hayes’ dog Scout is the inspiration behind the business name. Photo: NATHAN RIVALLAND


She believes by recycling and reusing products communities can assist in reducing wasteful clothing production.

“I’m proud to be an advocate not only for slow and sustainable but much more importantly circular fashion.

“It’s really important in our day and age to continue to be as sustainable as possible so we can continue to nurture the planet and keep it a safe place for future generations.”

As part of her business, Hayes brings a fresh and unique offering to the vintage and fashion market by providing tailoring services.

By slowing down the chain of fast fashion and tailoring items to each client, wearers can enjoy their jeans for longer.

“Our service TailorMade is the next step further into consciously consuming your wardrobe without sacrifice,” Hayes said.

“TailorMade is a service offering alterations and tailoring not only to our entire range of vintage jeans and tops, but to your own collection of denim at home.

“It’s great for clients to know they can see a pair of jeans in store that they like and then know that if the size was initially too big or small, then it can be tailored to suit them.


Hayes in amongst just some of the denim she has collected from op shops and wholesalers. Photo: NATHAN RIVALLAND


“I think jeans and items only get better with age, so don’t stop the journey now, keep it rolling.”

As part of the TailorMade service, Scout for Vintage offer solutions to continuing the life of denim such as hemming (both original and raw), tapering, waist refits, patch repairs, zip repairs and distressing.

To continue expanding the business offering, Scout for Vintage will soon introduce Scout Denim which centralises around using post-consumer products on a range of designer jeans.

“Our Scout Denim domain will be coming soon and we are really excited for it,” Hayes said.

“Essentially it’ll be recrafting used items in store, to make into one fantastic item.

“Parts of jackets will go into jeans and so forth to continue that circular economy.

In store, you can find plenty of denim to fit any size or body shape. Photo: NATHAN RIVALLAND


“We hope to have a range out later this year in summer so we are currently just collating products to do so.”

When not in store, tailoring and servicing the Surf Coast region, Hayes can often be found enjoying the Surf Coast lifestyle by going surfing and hunting for more vintage items.

Hayes also loves hanging out with her beautiful Australian Shepard ‘Scout’ (the name inspiration for the business).

Hayes performs alternations and tailoring in store in Torquay. Photo: NATHAN RIVALLAND


Scout for Vintage can be found at 5A Zeally Bay Road in Torquay.

You can learn more about Scout for Vintage on their website and enquire about vintage items and tailoring at www.scoutforvintage.com.au/