Consultancy takes the stress out of finding your perfect piece

February 17, 2024 BY

Anglesea artist Cinnamon Stephen's new venture aims to pair art collectors with quality, locally created art. Photo: ELLIE CLARINGBOLD

Metal artist Cinnamon Stephens’ presence can be felt all over the region, particularly in her hometown of Anglesea.

Her work adorns homes and businesses, streetlights and landmarks.

The versatility of her chosen medium means her art can be worn, placed indoors or outdoors, and – in the case of her popular custom-designed security doors and gates – even elevate the structure of buildings.

She’s spent years supporting and promoting the work of other creatives and building relationships with them.

Stephens designed a series of sculptures inspired by the local flora and fauna that now adorn Anglesea’s streetlights. Photo: INSTAGRAM/CINNAMON STEPHENS


Her CV is extensive and includes previously owning her own gallery in Deans Marsh, helping launch Anglesea Arts Space and working with the Surf Coast Shire on the arts trail.

Now Stephens has launched a new art consultancy business, consolidating her 30 years of industry experience and connections.

The venture aims to pair art collectors with quality, locally created art, whether it be for inside or outside the home, or business spaces.

“Connecting buyers with their forever piece of art is just such a thrill. It’s like matchmaking,” Stephens said.

“Art is more than just matching your curtains or an artwork that matches your couch.”

Stephens (right) with local artist Sarah Pirrottina. Photo: INSTAGRAM/CINNAMON STEPHENS


She believes the right piece of art in the right space can be life-changing.

“Art can make such an impact…You see it every day of your life.”

To date, the majority of Stephens’ work has involved working with clients to design custom pieces.

It’s helped her hone the skills necessary to connect her clients with their perfect piece of art, as has her work in galleries across the region.

“It means you have to listen, and you have to look at their space and I think I’ve developed a fairly good judge of what it is people want

and need.

“You’re right there at the rockface. You’re talking to people; you’re seeing what they’re looking at.

“It’s very intuitive and I think as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learnt to trust my intuition more.

“I like to just sit down with people and have a chat and you quickly get a gauge on the sort of thing they’re looking for.”

Stephens hopes to champion local artists spanning the Surf Coast, Otway Ranges, Geelong and the Bellarine. Photo: INSTAGRAM/CINNAMON STEPHENS


Stephens also understands how daunting purchasing art can be.

“Some people find talking to artists a bit scary. Some people find walking into a gallery a little intimidating. I get that. I’ve felt it myself in other spaces. I’m trying to just take away all that, demystify the process.

“Artists are just people. They’re just people trying to do their thing. So, it’s just matching the right energy: what the buyer wants, what the artist creates and creating that magic.”

And with a broad remit that includes sourcing art, working with artists to develop commissions, as well as curating and installing artworks, she’s hoping her services will cater to a wide variety of art buyers, from those looking to start their collection to those who feel they have outgrown their existing collection.

“All these things are things I’ve been doing for years,” she said. “Right through, I can hold your hand if you need it.”

With more than 30 years’ experience, artist Cinnamon Stephens understands art’s power to transform a space. Photo: ELLIE CLARINGBOLD


But her advice to art buyers is simple: trust yourself.

“You do know what you’re attracted to; you’ve got that immediate feel,” Stephens said. “If it’s your home, you want your art to reflect your personality.

“An art collection should represent your life, your family’s journey. Buy art that speaks to you, that moves you, that you love the colour of and you can’t understand why.”

She said that’s the key to developing a collection that fits together and tells a story.

“If you just go with what speak to you…your whole collection will be cohesive because it belongs to you.

“I think a main trap people get into is they want their home to look like a magazine.

“That’s okay in some ways, but the magazine shoots sometimes look so good because it’s that person’s personal collection.”

One of Stephens’ popular custom-designed security doors. Photo: INSTAGRAM/CINNAMON STEPHENS


Through her consultancy work, Stephens is hoping to champion the “richness and diversity” of local artists spanning the Surf Coast, Otway Ranges, Geelong and the Bellarine.

“We’ve definitely got enough to go around,” she said. “But I’m also happy to look further afield. If my little group of artists doesn’t suit you, I’ve got connections with galleries around the state as well.”

As part of the venture, Stephens is also offering her services to other creatives with the aim of assisting them to promote their art, work toward exhibitions and approach galleries.

“I’m in it for the long run. It’s not just a flash in the pan idea. This is something I’ll be doing for a long time.”

She said she’s looking forward to developing close working relationships with her clients over the years to come.

“I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it.”

For more information or to book a free initial consultation before the end of February, head to cinnamonsart.au, or follow Stephens on Instagram @cinnamons_art.consultant