Presenter of Destination Happiness Angie Hilton.

Geelong series goes global

September 12, 2019 BY

A Geelong-produced television series championing mental health will grace screens around the globe following its signing with an international network.

Destination Happiness, the brainchild of Angie Hilton, will air in the Middle East thanks to the Discovery Channel. The series’ third season – which will feature 13 episodes – hit Australian screens last weekend via Channel 9.

Angie said she and her team were thrilled that Destination Happiness’ uplifting and educational content would reach a bigger audience.

“It’s really exciting for a TV show created by a boutique production company in Geelong to get this sort of interest and recognition,” said Angie.

“We’ve been inspired to keep making the show by amazing feedback from viewers who have found the show helpful and taken on the concepts to benefit their own lives.

“To know that we may be able to spread that message even further is really motivating.”

In the third season of Destination Happiness, Angie will be joined by star guests Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee), Boost Juice founder and Survivor contestant Janine Allis, Nasir Sobhani, (The Streets Barber), and others.

The latest season will also shine a light on organisations that are contributing meaningful services to the greater community such as The Mancave and genU.
The popular “Random Acts of Happiness” segment will see a $30,000 dental makeover awarded to a “deserving person”.

A team of nurses will also be surprised with a Hummer ride to Saltair Day Spa. Respected Geelong psychologist Chris Mackey and nutritionist Lola Berry will join Angie on Destination Happiness.

Angie said depression and anxiety “hit hard” in her late 20s – one of the many reasons she’s been inspired to spread her mental health message.

“I felt blindsided, like no one had warned me you could possibly feel that bad every day,” said Angie.

“I was determined to understand how I got into that state, how I could get out of it and how I could stay out of it. I made studying happiness my full-time job.

“It was a long slow climb out of the hole I was in, but I came out of it with skills to use for life and I want to do everything I can to raise awareness and hopefully help others.”

Destination Happiness will be aired on Channel 9 until November 30.

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