New facilities and same high quality compassionate care

August 19, 2021 BY

Torquay Animal House Veterinary Clinic and Hospital's renovation includes an extension of the hospital space.

Started in 1993 by Dr Denis Ryan, Torquay Animal House is committed in providing high quality compassionate care for the pets of the Surf Coast.

The business employs dedicated local vets and nurses who are passionate about their work and can provide a large range of expert medical and surgical services to companion animals.

To meet the demands of clients, Torquay Animal House Veterinary Clinic and Hospital has undergone a building expansion.

Torquay Animal House is still open for business, and has been throughout the building project (and indeed throughout COVID-19).

As the renovation comes close to finalisation and builders, principally SK Dunstan, work on the finishing touches, Torquay Animal House would like to introduce their new facilities and how it will benefit their valued clients and patients.

One of the primary goals of the renovation was to create a larger, more comfortable and ‘homely’ consultation room with a couch, chairs, and a separate entrance/exit to the main reception area.

For those difficult end-of-life visits, we hope this will make the patient and their family’s experience that little bit more comfortable and private.

Torquay Animal House is also aiming to create a more relaxing environment that helps reduce the stress that some pets, and indeed sometimes their owners, feel during other routine vet visits.

In addition to the new consultation space, the hospital space has been extended to allow for less stress on patients who are staying in hospital.

The renovations includes upgrading the separate cat hospital area and incorporating some specialised ‘cat condo’ accommodation again to try and lessen the inevitable stress that our feline friends face when needing to be kept in hospital.

Torquay Animal House Veterinary Clinic and Hospital hopes to see all their favourite patients enjoy the new facilities over the coming months and years, and thank their valued clients for their support – it’s greatly appreciated.



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