Not to be sneezed at: Pikachu is surprisingly good

May 15, 2019 BY

A movie where Ryan Reynolds voices a talking Pikachu and also happens to be a detective? Sign me up.

Set in the world of the iconic Pokémon franchise, this story focuses on Tim Goodman (Justice Smith), a 21-year-old man who believes he’s outgrown the need for a Pokémon partner.

But, when Tim’s detective father, Harry Goodman, vanishes under mysterious circumstances, Tim winds up traveling to Ryme City, a metropolis where humans and Pokémon live side by side in harmony.

While there, Tim encounters his father’s Pokémon partner, a Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) that just happens to be able to talk.

Teaming up to solve the mystery, Tim and Pikachu follow each little clue to a dastardly plot that threatens the very peace of the Pokémon world.

This movie is amazingly good. It doesn’t sound like it should be, but it is.

Given how dense the Pokémon franchise is, the filmmakers were able to present a vibrant and spellbinding world that’s able to stand on its own.

The film’s animators deserve significant praise, as the Pokémon look absolutely stunning.

The two lead characters also add heart to the film, which is always an important element.

Tim is a relatable young man who has a good dollop of dry humour in his character. This matches nicely with Pikachu’s snark and the bond you see develop between the pair truly is touching.

While this movie is silly, that doesn’t make it bad. It’s probably one of the best video game films to date.

Its story is also very different from the core game series or the anime, making it unique as well as entertaining.

Though not everyone will be interested in this movie, it’s most definitely a fun ride.I’d recommend it to any Pokémon fan or
anyone who’s at all curious to see it.

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