Premier cat boarding facilities in Torquay

August 19, 2021 BY

Darina Ryan created a business out of her passion for cats.

Darina Ryan started Torquay and Surf Coast Cattery in 2002 and has been offering premier cat boarding facilities ever since.

These include full day, overnight, weekly, monthly, long and short term options. Darina’s family has always been an important part of the business and was her motivation for starting the business, which has allowed her to combine her love of animals, while also caring for her family.

Darina’s husband Denis is a local veterinarian, and all cats that board at Torquay and Surf Coast Cattery have live-in care all year round. This year Denis and Darina’s son Seamus joined the family business and has been an asset to the family-run operation.

Seamus helped out throughout his childhood, as all the children did, making him a part of the team for most of his life.

The facilities have alternate generator power to keep cats cool during power outages, with an emergency fire sprinkler system on all buildings which also has alternate power sources so no matter what we have your cat’s comfort and safety covered.

When you’re away your cat can play at Torquay and Surf Coast Cattery, a member of the International Feline Society, Pet Industry Association Australia and supporter of the Cat Protection Society.

The family business is located on 10 acres of land at 285 Grossmans Road, Torquay, Phone 5261 9341 or head to for more information.

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