QMF’s recycling puts the planet first

December 5, 2019 BY

The total general waste accumulated at last month’s Queenscliff Music Festival.

The 23rd Queenscliff Music Festival produced just five bins worth of general waste last month, a huge step forward in the right direction for the annual outdoor party.

Last year the festival boasted a 90.7 per cent landfill diversion rate, with 42 per cent of that figure being organics which were turned into compost for reuse.

For its 23rd instalment, festival organisers upped the ante on its war on waste by transitioning to reusable plates, bowls, cups and cutlery for all food and drinks services.

The festival’s planners said they were most proud of this achievement, having hosted thousands of party goers over two nights and three days.

“QMF implemented a fully reusable system across all food and beverage stalls and bars for the first time,” a statement released this week on behalf of QMF said.

“It could not have been achieved without the efforts of dozens of volunteers or ‘Bin Fairies’ who made sure they were on hand at every bin to advise on what goes where as well as a hoard of dishwashers to wash every single plate, bowl and cup used by punters.”

While exact figures on this year’s recycling efforts are yet to be released, Bellarine Catchment Network’s Angeline Poole said QMF’s latest accolade has proven that minimal waste at a large festival can be achieved.

“Patrons love the change to reusables, vendors save on packaging, the grounds are kept cleaner and the waste disposal costs drop dramatically.

“It is the perfect opportunity to educate the public on waste reduction and raise awareness of why we should all be working to cut down our footprint.”

This year’s QMF was the fastest to sell out as well as the highest attendance numbers in its history.

Next year’s festival will run from November 27-29. Early bird tickets will be available in March.

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