Frances Griffiths’ book will be launched this weekend at Front Beach.


October 11, 2018 BY

Suspected Hippy – Travelling on a Wire is a debut memoir about a conflicted young woman’s search to find her courage and identity by journeying overland alone as a teenager to India in 1974. After working on a prawn trawler in the Gulf of Carpentaria to finance the trip, the story gets really interesting.

She writes “In Malaysia I was arrested as a ‘suspected hippy’ and thrown in jail.

In Bangkok I found myself broke had to resort to working as a hostess in a men’s club/brothel. Some of my adventures
included sailing on an Indonesian turtle boat and later trekking with a monkey in the Himalayas. In India and Nepal, I experienced love and loss in the most profound way. Although I had little money behind me, I managed to survive by using well-developed instincts that protected and guided me on my journey”.

Author Frances Griffiths was torn between the love of art and writing stories but became a journalist in the 1980s and has written a wide variety of stories, both fiction and non-fiction, for newspapers and magazines.

Suspected Hippy – Travelling on a Wire is her debut creative non-fiction work/ memoir, based on travelling throughout Asia in 1974/1975.

“I did not encounter any young women travelling alone or indeed experiencing some of the things outlined above. Today I meet many young women travelling in my footsteps.”

The Suspected Hippy book launch is on Saturday October 13, at 4pm Front Beach Café in Torquay. Phone 0420 355 082 for more.

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