Sally Louise Yoga focuses on teaching traditional yoga well and is now offering classes for students to complete a Hathayoga diploma.


February 6, 2019 BY

Sally Louise was introduced to yoga over 15 years ago working as a physical education teacher, the experience was life-altering and saw her journey once more from a student, to yoga teacher.

At the request of her students, six years ago Sally began teaching the Diploma of Hatha Yoga, making her course available each year face to face or online.

Some students undertake the course about teaching people how to do yoga properly. Throughout the course you will learn a lifelong practice that you can take well into old age,” she said.

“Some students undertake the course to deepen their own knowledge of yoga and for others it allows them to go on and teach.”

For Sally, the most important thing is reiterating that yoga is a healing modality and the importance of correct technique.

“The way I teach yoga is very authentic. I make them do the postures correctly, a lot of yogis don’t know what the correct technique actually is and that’s a huge focus of the course,” she said.

“There’s a strong anatomical and physiological science behind yoga and I believe traditional yoga poses are the best. While it’s fun to be creative with those poses, the new-age yoga isn’t necessarily better.”

Sally Louise is hosting a free class and information evening on February 12 at 6pm and said everyone interested in discovering more about yoga was welcome.

“People think yoga is about laying on your back in hippy pants but it’s not. Everyone should know what it’s about.

From relieving anxiety and getting into a good head space, to fixing sore backs,  incorrect technique can cause injuries but correct technique can heal.”

To register for the free class and information evening, email

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