A win for wildlife as crossing signs installed in Grove

June 14, 2021 BY

After a two-year negotiation process with VicRoads, there are now wildlife warning signs to protect small creatures along Grubb Road.

AFTER leading a two-year campaign, “Care for our wildlife” signs have been installed along Grubb Road in Ocean Grove – much to Layla Moody’s delight.
The vet nurse who runs her own wildlife shelter from home originally contacted VicRoads back in 2019 about getting duck warning signs erected along the busy road.
Ms Moody was concerned about an increasing number of ducks who live on the lake crossing the road in search of food and breeding.
“I am overjoyed that the signs have been installed on Grubb Road recently, and I hope they make a huge difference in alerting drivers that there is a possibility of wildlife ahead,” Ms Moody said.
“Hopefully this will reduce the amount of wildlife injured on Grubb Road this spring and summer.”
Ms Moody took to Facebook on May 18 to share her excitement when she noticed the signs had been installed, with her post attracting 60 comments.
“Woo hoo! Finally, after a two-year battle with VicRoads they have put up wildlife warning signs to protect our creatures along Grubb Road. A happy day!” she posted.
In response, Tina Smith said, “Well done … Big thanks from the critters”, Rebecca Bell said, “That is so beautiful. Yea, yea, yea. Our wildlife is so important”, Andrea Simpson said, “We need more on the Bellarine good job” and Terri Sutton said, “Good for you love, you are their voice and you did good. Congratulations”.


Layla Moody led a campaign to get duck warning signs installed on Grubb Road in Ocean Grove.


Ms Moody said people were the ones building the estates and pushing wildlife out of their homes, and filling in their lakes, which meant they were moving onto the roads more often, and that’s why we were seeing them more now.
“We need to adapt to it and make people aware, and if people are aware and looking, there is less chance of an animal getting killed and accidents happening,” she said.
“And the more protection we have out there for these guys, the less chance they will need to come into care.”
A Regional Roads Victoria spokesperson said in some cases warning signage could work well, but also driver behaviour and education was important to help increase safety on our roads.
“Be aware of native animals that may be on the move at any time of day, slow down and keep plenty of space between you and the car in front,” the spokesperson said.

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