Ari and her foster carer Tori Edmonds.

Ari looks for a second chance after becoming longest animal in care

June 12, 2019 BY

ARI the cattle dog broke all Geelong Animal Rescue records for longest animal in care last week – notching up 1,000 days.

The four-year-old working dog came to GAR from the Geelong Animal Welfare Society in September 2016 and clocked over 1,000 days in care on June 2.

Ari’s foster carer Tori Edmonds, who is also GAR’s Intake and Animal Placement Manager, described the dog as a bit of a complex girl as she was easily frightened and quite nervous, but also very loyal and obedient.

“We don’t know for certain but feel she has experienced some trauma in her life as she has had at least six homes we know of (GAWS tried to rehome her several times, but she was returned to them on each occasion),” Tori said.

“She has definitely suffered in her past life, as she was between 12-18 months when we got her, and already significantly ‘damaged’.

“But she works very hard to please us at home, and she is a true Foster Daddy’s Girl without a doubt.”

GAR will be looking for another foster carer for Ari once she has recovered from leg surgery, which is in about seven weeks.

“We are looking for a special foster carer to trial Ari… she has been through a lot in her short life, so she really needs someone who has patient and understanding attitude,” Tori said.

“She has been in her current foster home for quite some time.

“In the past when she has moved from this home, she has regressed in her training and has begun resource guarding behaviour which is no longer present in her current home.

“This makes it a little hard for us to find a great forever home for her, because the dog you see in the foster home, is not necessarily the dog you get!”

Tori said Ari was best suited to a home with no other pets and when she bonded with a person, she thinks she needs to protect that person from everyone, and everything.

“Ari is content in the yard… she is not destructive, nor has she ever tried to escape.

“We genuinely think she would be happy to never leave the yard, her ‘safe zone’.

“Ari is smart, loyal, loving and obedient in the home.

“Ari is quite playful and is happy to play on her own.

“Tennis balls are her favourite, she has about 40 and she throws them around to herself and chases them around the yard.

“And lastly, she’s cute as a button.”

If you think you’re the person who can help give Ari a second chance, please contact [email protected] to discuss suitability.

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