A speed limit reminder that will stick

February 6, 2020 BY

Barwon Coast has produced free five-knot marine grade stickers to place on vessels and paddles and encourage boating activities in a safe manner.

THE Barwon River estuary is a special place that supports the white mangroves, saltmarsh and seagrass meadows – all important ecosystems providing numerous benefits and services that are essential for climate change adaptation.

You too can support the health of this system by conducting boating activities in a safe manner, according to Maddie Glynn from Barwon Coast.

“There is a five-knot speed limit that covers the Lake Connewarre system, which includes the lower reaches of the Barwon estuary, and up to 200m from the shore of the coastal waters,” Ms Glynn said.

“The 5 knot speed limit applies to all powered craft, including powered watercraft (PWC). This 5 knot speed limit is nothing new, and is in place to limit bank erosion, protect fish nursery grounds, but more importantly protect the boat operator, other beach users such as swimmers, stand up paddle boarders and kayakers.”

To assist waterway managers getting the message out there, Barwon Coast – under the Share Our Shores program – has produced five-knot marine grade stickers, free to all, to be placed on vessels and paddles.

If you would like to support this project, the stickers can be collected from the Barwon Coast office, Ewing Blyth Drive, Barwon Heads; the City of Greater Geelong Customer Service Centre in Ocean Grove, or by providing Barwon Coast with your postal details.

Hoon laws apply, and your vessel may now be seized, impounded or immobilised by authorised officers.

All PWC operators must hold a marine licence with PWC endorsement to operate a PWC on any Victorian waters.

There is no launching or landing of PWCs along the Barwon River estuary beaches.