Brown Dog forges new contemporary furniture style

August 1, 2019 BY

The Brown Dog Furniture Company handcrafts exceptional custom furniture from premium reclaimed timbers and steel (dog not included).

BROWN Dog Furniture is pioneering a new Australian design sensibility based on the simplicity, form and tone found in the Australian environment.

Founded by design duo David and Tamara Gorrie at Cape Otway in 2010, the Brown Dog Furniture Company handcrafts exceptional custom furniture  from premium reclaimed timbers and steel.

Inspired by a contemporary Australian-led design aesthetic, Brown Dog specialises in unique and beautiful handmade furniture pieces that are tailored to modern living.

The strength, warmth and honesty of the chocolate Labrador embodies Brown Dog’s design philosophy and belief that furniture should be inspiring and comfortable as well as be a practical companion.

Brown Dog’s exacting craftsmanship and design process encourages clients to create their own, singular piece of furniture by using superb, limited-edition timbers and gorgeous steel finishes that are customised to suit every space, style and budget.

Designer David Gorrie said that at the heart of the business is a desire to create furniture that is as beautiful as it is sustainable.

“Nothing beats the reward of owning bespoke, handmade furniture that’s sustainably made, completely unique and reflects your individual style, taste and personality.

“It’s what drives our passion for custom, handmade furniture individually crafted here in regional Victoria for the many different homes and spaces of today.”

View Brown Dog’s premium home and corporate furniture range online at, phone 03 9650 8131 or visit the North Melbourne store.

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