Call out for winter woollies

July 24, 2021 BY

VINNIES is calling on the community to delve into their wardrobes and donate unwanted winter woollies to help keep everyone warm during the colder months.

The charity is experiencing a shortage and hopes people will consider donating pre-loved clothing such as good quality jackets, overcoats, jumpers, scarves and trousers.

Vinnies senior area manager for western Victoria, Scott Marsden, said cosy winter clothing was in short supply largely due to coronavirus lockdowns which meant people generally didn’t buy as much seasonal clothing last year and donated less as a result.

“It may be a case of a lot of people were sitting at home last year and they just wore their trackies when they were working so we’re really struggling with the warm clothes,” he said.

“People would have brought less last year because they weren’t going as much and that has probably impacted us the most.

“We’ve struggled to enough good quality winter clothes and at Vinnies we really try to give people the best quality and the best price.”

Mr Marsden said funds generated from op shop sales went back into supporting vulnerable people in the local community.

He said during the last financial year in the Greater Geelong region Vinnies provided support in the following ways:

· Almost $500,000 worth of assistance given to individuals and families

· A total of $250,000 worth of food vouchers given to those in need

· Assistance provided to more than 8,500 people, including more than 6,500 children

· Accommodation assistance rose by 77 per cent

· Donated white goods rose by 87 per cent

· Education support rose by 30 per cent.

Mr Marsden said Vinnies was extremely grateful to the community for every donation of quality second-hand and unwanted goods

“We are actually at the point now where we are seeing better donations than we have previously seen and it seems that COVID has made people a little more friendly and not giving us the junk we have received at times,” he said.

“At this time we need every jumper, jacket and warm piece of clothing.“Please have a look through your cupboards and if you are not wearing it and it’s good enough for your family, then it’s good enough to give to Vinnies.

“The more we can sell, the more money we can earn to support those who are down on their luck or need a hand up.”

Local Vinnies Shops are located in Geelong South, Geelong West and Grovedale and open seven days a week, Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm.

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