Chess chaps on the search for more check mates

June 20, 2018 BY

Stan Rusiniak and Hugh Peters enjoy a game of chess at the Portarlington Neighbourhood House.

CHESS enthusiasts Stan Rusiniak and Hugh Peters menjoy playing against and learning from stronger players, as well as encouraging novices to learn the game and improve their skills.

The founders of Portarlington Neighbourhood Chess Club are retired chaps who both have a long history with the game.

The Chess Club formed earlier this year when Portarlington Neighbourhood House coordinator Julie Bishop put out a call for people interested in teaching and helping others to play the game.

Stan was happy to volunteer if an elite chess player or teacher wasn’t available, while Hugh attended the first club meet and the two formed a strong bond over their shared willingness to assist others to learn the game.

Stan was taught to play chess as a 12-year-old on board the P&O Strathmore while immigrating to Australia from a fellow teenage traveller.

His interest in chess was reignited at work playing other staff members during lunch breaks.

After retiring to Ocean Grove with his wife, Stan joined the Ocean Grove Chess Club.

Stan believes in making chess a fun and enjoyable experience, no matter the skill level, or if you win or lose.

Hugh received chess coaching from his father in Austria, but when the 10-year-old started beating his father at the game, he would hardly play chess with him.

Fortunately, his mother was also a good player and he continued to learn from her.

The family moved to Australia in the 1950s and his passion for the game also restarted at work.

Hugh initiated and arranged the company’s chess tournaments, and invited their suppliers and service providers to join in.

His relaxed technical positional and classic style provides a foundation for beginners to learn.

At the Chess Club, Stan and Hugh demonstrate to interested visitors and beginners all the basic rules of chess; how to set up the chess board correctly, the movement of the pieces and their values, castling, check, checkmate, drawn game conditions, and, last but not least, the rule of en-passant.

If you are interested in learning chess, or already know the game and would like to play against new friends, Stan and Hugh look forward to meeting you.

The Portarlington Neighbour Chess Club meets every Monday at 11am (except during school and public holidays) at Portarlington Neighbourhood House, 28 Brown Street, Portarlington.

For more details, phone Julie on 5259 2290 or email [email protected]