Coker commits $1.2m for Howard Harmer Reserve works

May 19, 2022 BY

Corangamite Labor federal member Libby Coker with junior netballers from the Barwon Heads Football and Netball Club. Photo: SUPPLIED

THERE’S good news for Howard Harmer Reserve regardless of the federal election result this Saturday, with Labor pledging $1.2 million towards improving the facilities at the oval in Barwon Heads.

The works would include upgrades to a new netball pavilion, including new change rooms, toilets and team rooms, and upgrades to lighting.

Corangamite Labor federal member Libby Coker visited the reserve on Sunday to announce the commitment.

She said the funding was much deserved and would help the Barwon Heads Football and Netball Club manage their rapid growth, as the club now had a total of 870 players, including 17 netball teams.

“The club also has a lot of difficulty sourcing funds as they are not on council land. They are on foreshore land, so it is very important they get some extra help.

“The netball side of the club has been operating out of a modified donga; an ageing, second-hand portable.

“This does not really encourage participation.

“We need to provide modern changing and clubroom facilities to make the girls and women comfortable and maximise participation.

“The lighting is also very important to participation in winter sports.

“The club currently operates with 50 lux lights, which by today’s standards is not very safe.

“Good lighting is important to maintaining a high standard of training, and as the old saying goes, you play at a standard that you train.

“The new 200 lux lights will improve the standard of training and mean the club can also host night matches, which is important to encouraging social participation at the club.

“I congratulate the club for prioritising the needs of netball, and the girls and women playing at the club. Often the needs of this group gets left behind but they have been made the number one priority.

“It’s great to see.”

Ms Coker made her commitment about a week after Liberal candidate for Corangamite Stephanie Asher pledged a Morrison Liberal Government would put $1.2 million towards extending the existing club building at Howard Harmer Reserve.