Drysdale resident takes a step in the right direction

October 20, 2021 BY

Bellarine resident Kath Moorby at Lake Lorne in Drysdale with her husband Mark. Photo: VINNIE VAN OORSCHOT

ONE of Drysdale’s own is using her history with heart disease to power her through her own challenge during the month of October.

The Heart Foundation’s MyMarathon initiative is an opportunity for individuals to help raise funds for lifesaving heart disease research, by challenging themselves to walk or run the length of a marathon (42.2 kilometres) over the month of October.

Taking part is local resident Kath Moorby, who did not expect to have the Melbourne Cup that she had last year, going to bed to take an afternoon nap before her shift that day working as a disability support worker.

Ms Moorby was awake when she felt a sharp pain in her chest – almost instinctively knowing she was suffering from a heart attack in her own home, after which she was rushed to hospital and received two stents to her heart.

This event, coupled with the fact that her father Brendan had suffered his own heart attack eight months prior, inspired her to undertake her marathon challenge throughout this month.

She will attempt the marathon double as part of her challenge, instead walking 84.4 kilometres this month with her husband Mark by her side.

Ms Moorby was very active leading up to her heart attack, walking every day, eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle.

She had already lost more than 100 kilograms of body weight prior to the heart attack, which forms part of the message she is trying to spread awareness for.

“It’s more about spreading the awareness to everyone that it does not really matter about the size that you are,” Ms Moorby said.

“You still need to look after yourself, whether it is because of your family and it might be hereditary or the fact that a lot of us eat such shifty food, that some people do not naturally get fat from eating unhealthy food, but they can still get a heart attack.

“If you feel unwell, seek a second opinion from a GP.”

Ms Moorby has already eclipsed her $250 goal that she set for herself, and while the money is a good aspect, spreading the message is better in her opinion.

“It is about raising the money, but it is more about raising the awareness. I would rather people to know what the symptoms are, how people feel prior to something like a heart attack, and listening to your body,” she said.

“My body was telling me before I had my heart attack that it was not well. But I just kept going and going and going.”

There are now 6,380 Australians signed up to the MyMarathon fundraiser and more than $800,000 has been raised as a result.

Any contributions to Ms Moorby’s initiative are greatly appreciated with all funds raised going straight to vital heart disease research.

Head to mymarathon.com.au/fundraisers/kathmoorby to contribute to Kath’s fundraiser.

Kath Moorby walking some of her 84.4km challenge at Lake Lorne in Drysdale alongside her husband Mark. Photo: VINNIE VAN OORSCHOT

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