Emergency services train for mass casualty incidents

May 13, 2024 BY

Ambulance Victoria have held a training session, along with other emergency services, to prepare for mass casualty incidents. Photos: SUPPLIED

EMERGENCY services on the Bellarine have honed their skills in case of a mass causality event.

In a recent training session, Ambulance Victoria (AV) prepared their paramedics to respond to ferry emergencies on the Bellarine.

At the Searoad Ferries terminal in Queenscliff, AV, along with other emergency services, came together as more than 15 paramedics completed an Emergo Train session.

The system is used around the world for training in emergency management, with AV running multiple training sessions in each region annually.

Over 15 paramedics took part in the program, using a simulation to train for casualties following a car fire onboard a docked ferry. Photo: SUPPLIED


The training focused on paramedics responding to a car fire onboard a docked ferry.

Taught through a simulation, participants had 80 patients to assess and treat, all with a range of injuries.

AV emergency management planning coordinator Rebecca Hirsch said although thankfully they don’t come across these incidents regularly, it’s important they’re prepared.

“These ferries transport hundreds of vehicles a day, so it’s not an unlikely scenario to prepare for.

“It’s mentally challenging but a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to practice our mass causality skills in a safe and supportive environment.”

Coast Guard, Fire Rescue Victoria and Victoria Police were also on scene to observe the training.

“With this type of incident there would be a multi-agency response, so it was great to have other agencies there to observe how we would respond,” Ms Hirsch said.

Local paramedics also attended the training, teaching commuters and Searoad Ferry staff CPR skills.

A number of participants signed up for the GoodSam Responder Program, an app that connects those in cardiac arrest to people who can perform CPR before paramedics arrive.

Ms Hirsch said they’re looking forward to holding similar training sessions in the future and thanked Searoad Ferries for their support and engaging with emergency services agencies.