Foster carers relish making a difference

September 17, 2021 BY

Local couple Peyman and Leila feel their lives have been greatly enriched since becoming foster carers to young people in need of respite care.

The husband and wife, who both work full-time, became foster carers with BCYF after moving from Iran to settle in Geelong.

“It was always a dream of mine to have many kids, but when we moved to Australia, we were so busy,” Leila recalled.

“After a while we thought we had some time and moved into a new house with a spare room, so then we could support kids for respite.”

Peyman and Leila have done respite care for children and young people aged from nine to 17 years of age, providing support for a child or young person’s parents, guardians or regular foster carers by giving them a break.

During 2021 Foster Care Week from September 12 to 18, BCYF is celebrating and thanking its group of foster carers for the amazing difference they make in young people’s lives.

This includes carers such as Peyman and Leila who are making a positive impact on the lives of others, even though they know each new placement might have its challenges.

Peyman and Leila enjoy their role as foster carers which they say brings many rewards. Photo: KYLIE OLIVER


“With new kids, there can be lots of issues, they are changing house, changing culture,” Leila explained.

“The loveliest part is when I could see the progress, from week one, to week two, until the end of your time together.

“That is the reward, it is nice you can help in a little part of someone’s life.

“It could be a short time, one week, or one month, you can still have influence in their lives.”

Peyman agreed it was the small moments that could be the most significant when it came to foster care.

“I remember we went to the playground at Torquay and there were many families around,” he said.

“The little person wanted to play on the swings, he asked me, ‘can you please push me?’.

“It was a very big moment for me, he wanted to show the others at the playground he was part of our family.”

The couple has a 17-year-old daughter, Zania, who also loves welcoming children and young people into her home.

Some of the trinkets of gratitude given to the couple. Photo: KYLIE OLIVER


“I remember one particular group of siblings, they came to visit after being in our care, and Zania and the child were hugging for five minutes,” Leila said.

“All I could hear was laughing and giggling – it was a very good experience for all of us.”

Peyman said that was just one example of the rewards of being a foster carer.

“One of my friends told me, ‘you are changing the life of these kids’,” he said.

“I told him ‘no, they are changing our lives’, I think I am doing something for someone who needs the help and I love it.”

BCYF is in urgent need of more foster carers in the Barwon region to help meet rising demand

BCYF manager Out of Home Care, Jo Dumesny, said BCYF was actively recruiting new community members into its foster care program.

“We urgently need more people willing to open their home, who can help us respond to the increasing number of children who need care,” she said.

“Foster carers can come from all walks of life, what is important is that they can provide children with a safe and nurturing home.”

There is a need for all types of carers from overnight or emergency care, respite, through to longer term carers.

BCYF provides foster carers with ongoing training, education and 24-hour support.

To find out if foster care is for you, contact BCYF on 5226 8900 or visit the BCYF websitr.

BCYF is also hosting information sessions on Tuesday, September 21, and Tuesday, October 5. To attend call 5226 8900 or email [email protected].

You can also support children and young people in foster care by making an online donation during BCYF’s Foster a Future Appeal.

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