More crossing supervisors step out

January 15, 2022 BY

Cr Sarah Mansfield (centre) with crossing supervisors with new crossing supervisors Cassandra Hambrook (right) and Wayne Vears. Photo: CITY OF GREATER GEELONG

THE City of Greater Geelong has hired 20 new crossing supervisors and is looking to sign up dozens more.

The new supervisors will also be there to welcome back children and their families and help them cross roads safely when school resumes at the end of January.

Geelong mayor Stephanie Asher said the city now employed 190 school crossing supervisors to help children get safely to and from school.

“Keeping kids safe is a top priority so we’re proud that 20 new crossing supervisors are joining our ranks.

“In total, we’re recruiting up to 60 school crossing supervisors to fulfil positions that were previously offered on contracts. Not only are we saving ratepayer funds by bringing the positions in house, we’re also providing secure employment for people who need it.”

The new recruits have completed on-road training sessions with existing supervisors and are now working at their own crossings.

The city has allocated $920,000 on school crossing supervisors in its 2021-2022 Budget, up from $912,000 in 2019-20.

Some school speed zones are permanent, while others operate from 8-9.30am and from 2.30-4pm on weekdays during term time.

Chair of the council’s community health portfolio Cr Sarah Mansfield said being a crossing supervisor was not only holding up a “lollipop” every morning and afternoon, it was also getting to know the community, supporting and encouraging local children and forming long-lasting friendships with families.

“Some of our crossing supervisors have been in their role for decades and are much-loved members of their community. Lollipop people help keep vulnerable members of our community safe.”

School crossing supervisor Cassandra Hambrook said she was enjoying her new job protecting school children in Corio.

“I did 10 years in a corporate office beforehand, so this is a big difference.

“It’s nice to be outside in the fresh air, getting to know people, and seeing all the school kids grow up.

“I’m getting to know the public and it’s a really rewarding job.”

If you know of anyone that might like to be a school crossing supervisor in a permanent part-time or casual role, email  [email protected] in the city’s Health and Local Laws team.

Positions for school crossing supervisors are also advertised regularly online at the City of Greater Geelong’s website.