Greater protection sought for Village Park

February 18, 2021 BY

A 10-year plan detailing the future of the Village Park is anticipated to be released later this year. Photo: COGG

THE Barwon Heads Association (BHA) is requesting the City of Greater Geelong amend its long-term vision for the Village Park to ensure greater protection of the 54 acres in years to come.

The city is drafting the Barwon Heads Village Park Master Plan for the parkland, but the BHA is calling on amendments to protect the unique character and balance of the Village Park.

Last week, BHA members, as well as sporting and community club representatives, discussed new recommendations to be included in the 10-year master plan as a part of the city’s park reference group meeting.

The recommendations have been made ahead of the city releasing the draft which is anticipated to be open for public comment as of April.

Under the amendments, the community association is calling for the park to be protected under a ‘Site Significance’ or ‘Environmental Significance Overlay’ to provide future protection for the community asset.

BHA committee members Libby Darcy and Karen Firth set out the provisions in an official response with a focus on “strengthening” the city’s existing plan.

The recommended changes would assure the specific protection of the open space, woodlands and a balance between organized sport and other community recreation and public enjoyment of the parkland, the association claimed.

In relation to future social infrastructure erected in the park, the BHA is calling on new designs to be constructed in a way that is “soft, creative, sustainable and responsive to character and scale of the coastal village setting”.

“Built form will not exceed current proportion of land use versus open space and where possible will incorporate multi-use and enhanced access for the whole community.”

The draft Barwon Heads Village Master Plan was supplied by the city in December 2020 with a final report not due until this July.

The city’s website states the city is working with the community to “help renew and enhance the Barwon Heads Village Park Master Plan”.

“The renewed plan will build on the 2012 plan creating a new vision for the park for the next 10 years.”

The city hopes to address the changes in use including organised sport and leisure activities as well as ageing facilities that need to be assessed.

An important aspect of the 10-year plan will be balancing the need for structured and unstructured places, organised and informal use and the spaces required for them.

To stay up-to-date with the Barwon Heads Village Park master plan, including the next steps in the process and a map of the study area, head to


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