Donovan Cook, Sylvie Crapp, Max Dodds and Kenzie Andrews feed the chickens.

It’s harvest time at Ocean Grove Preschool

May 15, 2019 BY

CHILDREN from the Whale Sharks group were involved in harvesting and preparing dishes from their spoils during Term One at Ocean Grove Preschool.

They harvested basil for basil pesto and apples for making apple pies.

They were also involved in planting bulbs ready for the next season of gardening.

“Growing, harvesting and consuming fruit, vegies and herbs is an integral part of the program at our kindergarten and has been so for many years,” preschool educator Wendy Thompson said.

“The children are always highly engaged in these processes and as a result increase their understanding of sustainability and the natural environment.”

To reduce their footprint on the planet, most cooking and food scraps were fed to the preschool’s beloved chickens, Charlotte and Pearl.

Children were even involved in construction of a passionfruit trellis.

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