The state government says it is trying to balance the number of Victoria’s kangaroos. Photo: CARLES RABADA

Kangaroo harvesting opposed

October 10, 2019 BY

ANIMAL Justice Party MP and Member for Western Victoria Andy Meddick is urging the state government to stop the commercial harvest of kangaroos.

The Andrews Government recently released its Victorian Kangaroo Harvest Management Plan with the authorisation of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Minister for Agriculture Jaclyn Symes said the plan looks to balance kangaroo populations in a way that benefited everyone.

“The program balances the need to keep kangaroo populations at healthy levels and ensure farmers aren’t being overrun by roos who can eat crops, damage property, and compete with stock for feed and water.”

But Mr Meddick says he is deeply concerned about its implications.

“Our eastern grey kangaroos are already dropping in population numbers. This plan could see them being shot to extinction.

“People travel from all over the world to see these iconic animals and they are casting judgement on the Victorian Government for this decision.”

The state government does not see this as a realistic concern. Their plan states that there has been little change in the state’s kangaroo population in recent years, and that harvesting numbers can be safely managed.

“A harvest quota of 10-20 per cent of the population is generally considered ecologically sustainable, and Victoria’s quotas will be set within this range.”

The plan also notes that it is rare for kangaroo harvesting in Australia to come close to reaching full quotas, and that harvesting will be curtailed if kangaroo populations fall below a certain threshold.

Mr Meddick says action to stop the kangaroo harvesting should start now rather than later.

“Daniel Andrews must cancel Victoria’s cruel kangaroo kill and listen to the outcry of concerns for animal welfare, conservation and community safety.”

The Andrews Government also announced that it will no longer allow kangaroos controlled with an Authority to Control Wildlife permit to be processed for pet food.

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