Laundry grows business with state grant

May 18, 2024 BY

Eng Ho (second from right) talks with Geelong MP Christine Couzens.

GEELONG & Surf Coast Laundry is looking ahead to bigger and better things after investing in new equipment through a state government grant.

The Newtown business used the grant from Regional Development Victoria to instala new ironing line and towel folders, along with a semi-automatic sorting system, all within its existing facility.

As a result, laundry output has increased from 30 tones to 80 tonnes a week, and doubled the number of staff from 21 to 42.

The new machinery will improve staff production and efficiency by more than 40 per cent, while significantly reducing staff fatigue.

Geelong & Surf Coast Laundry owner Eng Ho (second from right) leads a tour of the Newtown business. Photo: JAMES TAYLOR

Since the equipment was commissioned, the company has already secured six new clients.

Geelong & Surf Coast Laundry was purchased in 2012 by the existing owners, who have since developed it into the only high-volume commercial laundry service in Geelong which services businesses locally and in Melbourne.

The business already does bulk laundry for Geelong’s Novotel hotel and has just signed a contract for the 380-room Novotel Melbourne on Collins.

“The grants supplied for our machines have been instrumental in our success, allowing us to expand our operations and create more opportunities for the local community,” Geelong & Surf Coast Laundry general manager Simon Vander Sluys said.

The business has just signed a contract for the 380-room Novotel Melbourne on Collins.

“Additionally, I would like to recognise the efforts of local job agencies like Jobfind and Wise – employment, who have been invaluable partners in supplying us with dedicated and skilled employees.

“Geelong & Surf Coast Laundry is not just a laundry service; it is a hub of employment and skill development in the region.

“Our commitment to sustainability and quality service has not only benefited our clients but has also created a positive impact on the environment.

“Through our partnership with Jobfind, we have been able to provide meaningful employment to many individuals in our community, empowering them to build better futures for themselves and their families.”

LR: Geelong & Surf Coast Laundry general manager Simon Vander Sluys, Minister for Regional Development Gayle Tierney, Geelong MP Christine Couzens, and Geelong & Surf Coast Laundry owners Eng Ho and Marciella Leonny.

Minister for Regional Development Gayle Tierney and Geelong MP Christine Couzens visited the laundry on Thursday last week to see the new equipment at work.

“The Geelong & Surf Coast Laundry is a great local business and the Allan Labor Government is proud to help it grow and employ more people – which will have positive benefits for the wider Geelong community,” Ms Tierney said.