Library landmark starts taking shape

October 20, 2021 BY

Designs for the new sustainable Drysdale Library.


You’ll start seeing some changes around Wyndham Street in Drysdale next month, with construction getting underway on the new Drysdale Library. And if you’ve seen the designs, you’ll know that the building and its surrounds will become a landmark for the township.

The sustainable library will be surrounded by parkland and seating, with biodiversity running up to the green roof and through to an internal courtyard garden. The library will have communal spaces and quiet study areas, a customer service point for the City of Greater Geelong and an adult changing places facility for people who can’t use standard accessible toilets.

And of course, a catalogue of books that will inform and enthrall readers, and clever technology for people of all ages. Libraries really are going from strength to strength in our municipality.

They’re a sanctuary for tiny tots, students, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, senior citizens and everyone in between. The multi-story building will sit within the new town centre and feature resource efficient systems, with low-carbon strategies will be integrated into construction.

What an exciting project that we’ll soon watch come alive!


Recently, I was asked what sustainability means to me, as the city works to meet a number of ambitious key performance targets.

I believe sustainability is a step along the way to a flourishing and thriving planet – a place where people, animals and our natural environment can all live happily. It’s about keeping Planet Earth viable and vibrant forever; and working together worldwide to eliminate poverty and hunger, end human rights abuses, and take action against climate change.

For the City of Greater Geelong, it’s about a whole of organisation approach – where every department and every project planner takes responsibility for achieving our sustainability aims. The Drysdale Library is a perfect example of how council is working for social, technological, environmental and financial sustainability with its green roof, accessible toilets and free tech resources. Another instance is council’s $450,000 contribution (a third of the project costs) towards the construction of seven Samaritan House Geelong Independent Living Units, which will become safe homes for men sleeping rough.

This project is progress towards our target to increase the supply of social housing from the current three per cent to seven per cent by 2031.

If this topic has piqued your interest, to find out how the city is setting our region up for a positive future.

Show your support

It’s been about two months since the Taliban took back control of Afghanistan and while the media coverage has died down somewhat, it is still an incredibly dangerous and frightening place to live in. Having spent time in Afghanistan doing humanitarian work across women’s issues, education, health and agriculture, I saw first-hand the atrocities the Hazara communities have experienced. It is distressing that these things are happening all over again.

Those on the Bellarine are known for being community minded and compassionate, and so I ask that you continue your support of the local Afghan and Hazara communities here in Greater Geelong. If you’re in a position to donate, the Afghan Hazara Community Group in Geelong has established a Go Fund Me page.

It’s raising funds to support at risk and displaced families in Afghanistan with shelter, food and medical assistance:

Action Aid, Hazara Foundation, UNHCR, CARE Australia and Médecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) are also operating in Afghanistan.

Head to the news section on to find out about joining a group that advocates for human rights.

And of course, if you know of any locals from the Afghan and Hazara communities, please reach out to them during this challenging time.

We have a terrible problem on our hands and each small action can collectively make a world of difference for these people.

Get jabbed

Finally, it’s so heartening to see the vaccination rates rise each day, as Victoria works its way to a new normal over the warmer months.

I’ve been double vaxxed for months now and feel safer having done so, which is why I encourage you to do the same, for yourself and your community. Start a conversation with your doctor today.

Cr Jim Mason

Councillor Jim Mason

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