Neighbours raise concerns with scale of two-storey home

July 25, 2021 BY

Artist impressions for a proposed home were among the information provided to Borough of Queenscliffe councillors to assist with their decision on a planning application.

AN APPLICANT hoping to build a two-storey home in Queenscliff and objectors to the proposal have had an opportunity to speak directly to Borough of Queenscliffe councillors before they make a decision.
The planning review meeting enabled the applicant to present amended plans which addressed issues raised by objectors who raised concerns with the plan for the property fronting Nankervis Parade, Stokes Street and Bethune Street.
The council received nine submissions raising a range of issues including the size of the home, potential to overshadow neighbours, impact of the streetscape and character, setback of the east wall, access safety, and impact of views to Swan Bay.
The application proposes the demolition of the existing single-storey house on the block to build the new home which will have landscaping that responds to its coastal location, and be made from pale grey brick, concrete and timber, selected to blend with the neighbourhood character and coastal environment.
The applicant says the height complies with requirements and will not dominate nearby two-storey home because of the slope of the block.
In response to submissions, the applicant has amended plans by increasing the setback to Bethune Street, added windows, a garden bed and timber cladding facing Bethune Street and changed the fencing material.
A report was also presented to council including analysis of onsite and nearby trees, with the eight site trees considered of low arboricultural value and significance, with the owners planning to replace them with indigenous and native plants after construction.
However protective fencing and signs will be required to prevent damage to two Moonahs outside the property during construction.
Council will make a decision on the application for 69 Stokes Avenue at a future Borough of Queenscliffe meeting.

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