New winery and group accommodation proposed for Port

July 24, 2019 BY

A DAY spa and retreat in Portarlington is proposing to add a cellar door and group accommodation to its offerings.

The City of Greater Geelong has received a planning application for 372-390 Tower Road, which is currently used for The Bellarine Day Spa and Retreat.

The applicant wants permission for “use and development for a winery and group accommodation, and a licensed premises”, with an estimated cost of $600,000.

The subject land currently contains a main building, a private pool, a number of outbuildings, and a vineyard.

A planning report produced bv The Planning Professionals states that the cellar door would be used in conjunction with the existing vineyard on the western side of the subject land, utilising grapes grown on the land for winemaking.

“Grapes would be grown, managed and harvested on site to be manufactured for wine at an off-site facility.

“The group accommodation would consist of 10 unregistrable moveable dwellings.”

The report states that land in the locality is used for agriculture sparingly but some vineyards, orchards and hobby farming practices are observed.

“The vineyard is and has been actively farmed for the production of grapes for wine production.

“The vineyard has been producing between four-10 tonnes of grapes annually.

“On average 1 tonne of grapes produces 780 conventional bottles of wine.”

The report states that it is anticipated there would be one chef/cook for food production associated with the winery and two to seven wait staff, depending on the day of the week and season.

“Hours of operation have yet to be determined but would be generally in accordance with uses of a similar nature.

“For the purposes of permit conditions it is anticipated that the winery would operate between the following general framework: Monday- Sunday 7am-11pm.”

The report states that the proposal additions would contribute to the demand for tourist accommodation on the Bellarine, particularly in a rural area.

“The accommodation proposed on the site is modest, and in conjunction with the other existing uses like the adjoining golf course and proposed cellar door contributes to a greater diversity of accommodation on the Bellarine outside of traditional holiday and caravan park market.

“The market segment expected to generate demand for the proposed accommodation would likely be doing so secondary to or in conjunction with the use of the proposed cellar door and/or the neighbouring golf course/s in the region.”

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