Grave concerns for Ocean Grove bus stop

February 13, 2020 BY

A bus stop in Ocean Grove has left parents concerned for their children’s safety.

A TROUBLESOME bus stop in Ocean Grove is just “a disaster waiting to happen” according to concerned parents, who took to an online community noticeboard last week.

Located on Grubb Road, 10 metres from a roundabout with no pedestrian crossing within 200 metres, parents said their children were being forced to “play chicken” with traffic.

“We have a bus stop that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Why have a bus stop where there’s actually nowhere to properly cross the road? I’ve seen many kids almost hit there,” one parent wrote on social media.

The post, which appeared on the Ocean Grove Barwon Heads Community Facebook page in January, received more than 60 likes and comments from community members.

City of Great Geelong acting director city services Vicki Shelton said the city was proposing footpaths on Tuckfield Street, Shell Road and Thacker Street through the Ocean Grove Principal Pedestrian Network (PPN).

“Residents are encouraged to provide comments on the PPN before March 6 via our website ( The PPN plan does not propose any changes to the existing crossing at the roundabout as this intersection is a state government responsibility.

“We would support Regional Roads Victoria upgrading the intersection – potentially with traffic signals – as part of the planned Grubb Road duplication.”

Geelong mayor Stephanie Asher said the council was familiar with the intersection and supportive of future action.

“I’ve heard clearly from the Ocean Grove community that they want to see improvements at this intersection. It’s important that children and all other residents can cross the road safely.

“I’m certainly supportive of calls for Regional Roads Victoria to upgrade the intersection, including installing traffic lights if that’s the best way to achieve a safe crossing. As far as our community’s concerned, the sooner this is done, the better.”

Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) south west regional director Emma Miller-Olsen said the road authority sent out a team last week to assess the site.

“We’re always looking at ways to improve safety on the road network, particularly for pedestrians who are among our most vulnerable road users.

“Last week, our team and City of Great Geelong representatives went out to inspect this section of Grubb Road. We will monitor traffic and pedestrian safety on this section as we continue our investigations and determine the need for future improvements.”

According to RRV, in the five years to mid-2019, there have been three crashes at the intersection of Grubb Road and Shell Road – none of which involved pedestrians.

A parent involved said McHarry’s (the contracted bus company) had agreed to modify their drop-off point for the Oberon to Ocean Grove route.

Public Transport Victoria and McHarry’s were unable to confirm or provide comment in time for print.

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