Patriarchy, Power and Privelege

August 3, 2022 BY

THE societal consequences of gender power imbalances are at the heart of an upcoming panel discussion between the Geelong Women’s Union Network (GWUN) and Geelong library.

Titled Patriarchy Power and Privilege, speakers at the free event in August include Wadawurrung woman Corrina Eccles, Social and Community worker Angela Carr and past Associate Professor in Early Childhood and Director of Centre for Equity and Innovation Glenda MacNaughton.

GWUN has a well-established track record on campaigning for women’s rights, last year organising the regions inaugural Geelong March for Justice as well facilitating the first ever paid family violence leave clause, for a Surf Coast Shire union member over a decade ago.

“GWUN have a really strong history with family violence campaigns, we want to continue to build on this history,” event MC Adele Welsh said, a co-convenor of the women’s union and former Geelong Trades Hall president.

This years Geelong Labour Day Dinner.

“Anytime is a good time to talk about how we can create better safety for woman and children. Family and gender violence is really coming out of the shadows and becoming a national conversation, but the changes need to go more deeply and more broadly, far too many women are still being killed by a current or former partner,” Ms Welsh said.

“All forms of gender violence is based on patriarchy…the way patriarchy manifests is often in unseen ways.”

Acknowledging reforms in recent years through processes like Victoria’s family violence Royal Commission, Ms Welsh said the drive for equality between women and men will require ongoing vigilance and dedication.

“Individual people can respond in very real ways to create equality at home and in the workplace…talking to their MPS, letters to the editor, all those things that maintain the discussion until we see the changes that are needed.

“We’ll talk about ways that we can come together to create some of those structural changes, things like making sure that women are no longer retiring into poverty and homelessness, ending the gender pay gap, making sure child care is free and available.”

The panel discussion is on Wednesday, August 3, between 6:00pm – 7:30pm at Wurdi Youang, Geelong Library. For event details and bookings head to events.grlc.vic.gov.au/event/6673750