Red Cross to provide first aid skills to young people through TikTok for World First Aid Day

September 14, 2021 BY

97% of young people believe first aid education would improve their confidence, skills and willingness to act in a crisis. Photo: SUPPLIED

FIRST aid training is not compulsory in Australian schools or the application process for driver licenses, so Australian Red Cross is taking a different approach to World First Aid Day in providing accessible first aid training to people all over the country.

Australian Red Cross will be offering free online first aid training for World First Aid Day 2021, as well as sharing COVIDSafe skills on video sharing platform TikTok to help increase awareness amongst young people.

Australian Red Cross will run a TikTok campaign for the first time this year using the handle @redcrossau, to teach young people essential first aid skills.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented additional challenges with 82 per cent of Australians worried about catching the disease from first aid emergencies.

Because of this fear, more than half of Australians, particularly 18- to 34-year-olds, are unsure of stepping in to assist with an emergency situation and possibly administer CPR.

A recent study conducted by Australian Red Cross revealed that 88 per cent of Australians believe first aid training should be compulsory in high schools and 70 per cent think first aid knowledge should be a part of the driver license application process.

“In the schoolyard, on the sports field, at home or out with friends, our experience tells us young people are often the first responders in emergency situations,” said head of First Aid and Mental Health Training Wendy Greenhalf.

“We want our young people to be First Aid Champions, ready to step up and help out when there’s an emergency,” she said.

“That’s where teaching first aid in high school could come into play. “You never know when your first aid skills could help a friend, teammate, workmate, or a loved one in an emergency.”

This year’s training session will be presented online by accredited first aid trainers where they will demonstrate essential first aid skills such as treating burns, broken bones, head injuries, strains and sprains, asthma attacks and severe allergic reactions.

Participants will also learn vital skills in dealing with potentially life-threatening emergencies such as choking, heart attacks and swallowing harmful substances.

The online first aid training will be accessible to Victorians on September 11 at 11am with limited places available.

For those interested in participating, people can register at

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