Residents claim Tivoli Drive is a “safety nightmare”

April 29, 2021 BY

Council is now inviting community discussions over Tivoli and Greenvale drives. Photo: CITY OF GREATER GEELONG

RESIDENTS of Tivoli and Greenvale drives in Curlewis have penned their frustrations over the roads which they claim have become a “safety nightmare”.

During last month’s Drysdale Clifton Springs Curlewis Association meeting an open letter was read by president Mercedes Drummond which detailed the alleged misuse of the two local roads.

“A growing number of folks who use these two roads on a regular basis have come to the firm conclusion that they have become a real safety nightmare to the extent that there are those who now refuse to use them,” it reads.

“According to our council’s own documents, and our many other observations and experiences, these roads are in actual fact not fit for use.”

The residents claim that both Tivoli and Greenvale drives were originally designed as “Category 2” streets which were designed to support a limited number of vehicles and have one clear lane excluding roadside parking.

“With the rather unexpected opening of the Tivoli Drive extension road by our council last year, well over 3000 vehicle movements per day were recorded during one part of the COVID-19 lock down last year,” they said.

“These include family vehicles, tradespeople’s utes and trailers, along with trucks and agricultural machinery, many of a dangerous size and weight.”

Under the Municipal Road Management Plan 2018 the roads are now classified as “Category 3” or otherwise known as collector roads which provide access from residential areas to the arterial road network.

Other characteristics of a category 3 road include “catering for but may restrain service and heavy vehicles, minimum of two clear traffic lanes excluding parking and accommodating up to 3,5000 vehicles per day at 60km/h speed limits or less.”

“Residents who purchased land from developers were under the distinct impression that Tivoli and Greenvale Drives would remain quiet, residential streets,” the letter said.

“The Jetty Road Urban Growth Development Report 2007 clearly outlines that at such a time the Stage two Development commences, Tivoli and Greenvale Drives would then be formed into boulevards.

“It also states that Coriyule Road could be used as an extra feeder road into the northern sections of the estates, taking traffic pressure off Tivoli.”

Director of city services, Guy Wilson-Browne, said work is currently underway on the roads.

“We understand residents’ concerns in relation to the current road width and street parking of Tivoli Drive, and we will continue to work closely with them to find solutions,” he said.

“In response to concerns raised by residents, we have implemented a number of traffic calming measures, including a 50 km/h speed limit, upgrades to Coriyule Road and the Tivoli/Greenvale intersection, introduction of speed humps, additional line marking and parking restrictions.”

Mr Wilson-Browne said council last week released data from a recent traffic survey in the area which will be used to implement further calming measures addressing speed and traffic volume.

“As part of the Jetty Road Growth Plan, Tivoli Drive will be duplicated to form a boulevard-style street which will include widening the road and the creation of separate parking and bike lanes,” he said.

A project page has been set up for residents at to ask questions and find out further information regarding Tivoli and Greenvale drives.


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