Road costs shared

September 10, 2021 BY

Properties benefiting from new kerb and channel in Sproat Street or a sealed section of Tower Road will share some of the cost of the improvements.

PORTARLINGTON property owners will contribute to the costs of a road construction project through a council special charge scheme, however the cost will be 15 per cent less than estimated.

The City of Greater Geelong has endorsed the scheme following the sealing of a section of Tower Road and Sproat Street, which responded to community demand.

An action group formed more than six years ago had raised several road safety concerns with the city regarding the road crest, concealed driveways and dust in summer and mud in winter.

The council also received 76 requests for service relating to grading and pothole repairs along the unsealed section of Tower Road; 13 requests for dust suppression along the unsealed section of Tower Road; and seven requests to seal the section of Tower Road.

Residents indicated they would be prepared to contribute to the cost, with 13 property owners advised last year of the city’s intent to declare special charge scheme letters and no opposition received during the community consultation process.

The total actual cost of $325,048.93, almost $58,000 less than estimated, will be covered with a council contribution of $251,532.79; and property owner special benefit contributions totalling $73,516.14.

Council finalised the special charge scheme for road construction between 122 and 155 Tower Road; and 110 and 128 Sproat Street, Portarlington, at the city’s recent council meeting.

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