Safety improvements for Dog Beach

May 7, 2024 BY

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THE Borough of Queenscliffe has received Coastal Public Access and Risk Grant program funding to extend fencing along the dog beach.

The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) awarded the grant which will allow a further 130 metres of fencing to be added along the sand dunes.

“This grant will help improve the safety of visitors and protect our native coastal vegetation and wildlife,” the Councils spokesperson said.

As part of the grant program funding is provided to coastal Crown land managers to improve safety and public access through identification, mitigation and monitoring.

The extension of the fence was recommended by DEECA and will help prevent people from going into areas that are unsafe.

New signage will also be added as part of the funding to warn visitors of the unstable sand dunes.

A separate grant was also awarded for a beach access sign audit where all 44 beach access points throughout the Borough of Queenscliffe will be assessed.

“This will involve reviewing signage at all the beach access points, allowing officers to consider how to better inform visitors concerning any hazards that may exist,” the Council’s spokesperson said.

“In addition, Councial officers will identify which signs are missing or damaged and arrange for the installation of new signage where required.”

The dog beach is often used by residents and their animals, with the increased signage and fencing allowing council to protect visitors, wildlife and vegetation.

For more information on the Coastal Public Access and Risk Grant program, head to: marineandcoasts.vic.gov.au