Local SES units go shopping for gear thanks to AAMI

June 14, 2021 BY

VICSES units across the south-west will share in 550 pieces of equipment through the latest funding. from AAMI. Photo: VICSES

VICTORIA State Emergency Service (VICSES) units across Victoria’s south-west have received critical funds to buy essential lifesaving equipment as part of the AAMI Equipment Handover program.

The insurance company has been VICSES’ principal community partner since 2002 and has contributed more than $9 million since then, much of which has gone towards the purchase of equipment.

This year’s funds have been used to purchase more 3,200 pieces of equipment across the state.

VICSES units in the south-west will share in 550 pieces for rescue kits worth more than $80,000, including:

  • 15 worklight kits worth nearly $10,000 for units at Balmoral, Bannockburn, Camperdown, Cobden, Corio, Dunkeld, Hamilton, Heywood and Port Fairy
  • Two marquees worth $2,750 for the Geelong and Warrnambool units, and
  • Four LED light kits worth nearly $5,000 for the South Barwon, Lismore and Portland units.

AAMI provides each unit with up to $2,900 of equipment from the catalogue, and units can also put in their own funds to lift the figure to as high as $4,500.

VICSES has about 90 per cent of the purchased equipment at its warehouse in Sunshine, and will distribute it to units in the coming weeks.

In the past 12 months, VICSES volunteers in Victoria’s south-west responded to more than 2,800 emergency calls for assistance, ranging from on-the-ground support during emergencies to road rescue support, land searches and assisting other emergency service organisations.

“VICSES volunteers are trusted by their communities to help in times of need,” VICSES south-west regional manager Nicholas Cowham.

“Thanks to AAMI, our volunteers are provided with the best equipment to support the community and save lives.”

Each year, AAMI’s contribution is directed to supporting volunteers at a local level, where it will be of most benefit to them and the community.

AAMI’s continuing support is critical in ensuring VICSES volunteers are equipped with the latest training and tools to support local communities.

AAMI also supports VICSES’ community awareness campaigns, such as 15-To-Float, which is designed to raise awareness of the dangers when driving through floodwater.

“We are proud of our 19-year partnership with the VICSES and hope our contribution of new equipment will help make our communities safer,” AAMI head of motor claims in Victoria and Tasmania Matt Pugliese said.

“Over the years, AAMI has supported SES units with over 20,000 pieces of operational equipment including chainsaws, hand power tools, portable lights and helmets to help volunteers across the state carry out rescue operations.

“Most importantly we’ve been able to provide them with up-to-date, specialised equipment which is essential when working in dangerous conditions.”

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