The Borough has secured 24/7 access to life-saving equipment

January 21, 2021 BY

Local man David Jarman pictured with one of the 21 defibrillators located throughout the Borough. Photo: Borough of Queenscliffe

IN THE event of a medical emergency the Borough of Queenscliffe is now more prepared than ever following the installation of two new automated defibrillators.

The new additions bring the total to 21 defibrillators scattered throughout the region as a result of the GoodSAM initiative.

Ambulance Victoria’s program utilises life-saving technology executed by trusted responders who typically belong to a local organisation or business.

Responders can easily perform the life-saving procedures with the automated external defibrillator while triggering an alert to nearby paramedics.

Local man David Jarman first introduced the program to the borough after securing the funding for two other AEDs installed last year.

The newest defibrillators can be found at the BP Point Lonsdale service stations, across from the front door on an external wall and another at Point Lonsdale Tennis Club located on the outside of the clubrooms.

Borough of Queenscliffe Mayor Ross Ebbels said while they hope no one will need to use the public defibrillators, it is necessary to be aware of where they are in case of an emergency.

“These two new defibrillators at the BP Point Lonsdale service station and the Point Lonsdale Tennis Club will be available to the public 24/7 and ensure a defibrillator is always nearby,” he said.

Prior to organisations across the region signing up to the GoodSAM initiative it was believed that the Borough failed to have constant and timely access to this life saving equipment.

Statistics show that over 6,000 Victorians a year suffer a cardiac arrest while outside of the hospital.

The time between collapsing and being attended to by a medical professional is crucial. When a defibrillator is used before the ambulance arrives the survival rate almost doubles.

Residents and holidaymakers are being encouraged to stay safe by checking out the interactive map of all defibrillators located across the region.

“In an emergency, quick access to a defibrillator can save lives,” Cr Ebbels said.

“I’d encourage everyone in the Borough to visit Ambulance Victoria’s website and learn the public locations.”

To look at the map head to, in the event of an emergency please dial 000.

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