Corangamite Catchment Management Authority environment projects officer Donna Smithyman and City of Greater Geelong mayor Bruce Harwood.

Waterborne: Wetlands to be constructed near Armstrong Creek

September 5, 2019 BY

CONSTRUCTION of a sustainable wetlands system is expected to begin near Armstrong Creek in late October.

Sparrovale Wetlands are planned to be beneficial to both the community and the environment.

The system will treat and store water from the nearby developmental precincts.

City of Greater Geelong City mayor Bruce Harwood said the wetlands would have many benefits.

“The Sparrovale Wetlands system will be an iconic environment for the community to enjoy for many years to come and an important ecosystem for wildlife and plants to thrive.

“The project will also provide a vital drainage solution for the Armstrong Creek growth area, and further demonstrates the City of Greater Geelong’s clever and creative commitment to good planning outcomes.”

After consulting with the community, the council decided to award the $3.25 million contract to Goldsmith Civil and Environmental.

Finance portfolio chair Pat Murnane said the wetlands were particularly important considering the rapid growth in the area.

“Armstrong Creek has been important in helping us cater to our region’s population growth, with about 15,000 new residents moving in over the past 10 years.

“Given this community will continue to grow in the years ahead, the Sparrovale Wetlands will be a crucial piece of infrastructure.”

The project’s total budget of $4.02 million will be fully funded by the city council. The funds will come from each of its 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 budgets.

The site’s development will also be directed by the Sparrovale Master Plan, which the community will help shape during a consultation period.

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