Building site theft a growing concern

December 2, 2021 BY

A Master Builders Victoria spokesperson is seeking to raise awareness about theft from building sites due to supply shortages which have increased dramatically in recent times.

There have been significant reports from regional areas such as Bendigo, Ballarat, Gippsland and Geelong about the growing problem.

MBV members have previously reported seeing loads of timber delivered to sites and promptly removed by thieves.

MBV CEO Rebecca Casson said millions of dollars are lost to theft and vandalism on building and construction sites each year.

“Theft from building sites has always been an issue we know members have had to deal with, but alarmingly with supply chain shortages, we are seeing a dramatic increase in theft from sites across Victoria, including regional areas,” Ms Casson said.

“Small mum and dad builders and tradespeople are the lifeblood of the Victorian economy, and they suffer the most from these types of thefts.”

Recently it was reported that thieves stole a large $14,000 fibreglass swimming pool from a construction site in Geelong, sparking a police investigation.

The thieves entered the Wandana Heights property and managed to haul away the seven-metre pool on the back of a white truck on October 20 between 10.30pm and 11pm.

MBV have also received various reports of copper thefts from sites and white goods.

Examples include houses broken into central heating units, hot water services, ovens, cooktops, and split systems stolen.

However, thefts from building sites have become more common in recent months with the current timber shortages.

“We are encouraging people to think and do the right thing before they consider doing the wrong thing,” Ms Casson said.

“We encourage everyone to be vigilant with their security measures on-site and, wherever possible coordinate deliveries of materials to coincide with their use or installation.”