LEFT: Kieser Torquay head physiotherapist and centre manager Richard Wallace with Robert Devereux from Anglesea, a 10-year-member of Kieser. Kieser’s programs are designed to help clients build strength, regardless of age or condition.

Lead an active, pain-free and healthy life with Kieser

May 23, 2019 BY

Strengthening your body can help promote an active, pain-free and healthy life.

At Kieser, their programs are designed to help clients build strength, regardless of age or condition. A majority of adults over 60 are not meeting the Australian physical activity guidelines.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) identifies physical inactivity as a major risk factor in early mortality, leading to 3.2 million deaths globally.

There is a direct link between physical inactivity and low cardiovascular fitness, and the presence of chronic health conditions.

Common barriers for older adults to complete the minimum physical activity guidelines include confidence and concerns around safety in completing exercises.

At Kieser, the staff are all universitytrained physiotherapists, exercise scientists and exercise physiologists.

They aim to minimise these barriers by supporting their clients with a quiet, non-invasive environment that has a focus on physical performance, rather than physical aesthetics.

With an average client age of 55, Kieser clients are able to develop positive exercise behaviours in a safe and supported environment, surrounded by their peers.

The benefits of strength training are numerous for older adults.

Richard Wallace, Senior Physiotherapist at Kieser, explains.

“After the age of 30, if we don’t exercise, we experience an involuntary loss of muscle mass, strength, and function which can lead to pain and injury as we age,” he said.

“However, these changes in muscle mass can be counteracted by resistance training, which increases muscle protein synthesis in both younger and older adults.”

Kieser programs are designed to target specific areas of weakness, to ensure people are exercising effectively.

Programs can be customised to help clients with a number of goals, such as improving sporting performance, managing osteoporosis or other chronic conditions, and improving balance and mobility.

Kieser has 14 locations across Melbourne, Sydney and Geelong with their newest centre on the Surf Coast Highway  Torquay.

They accept Medicare plans, Workcover, DVA, TAC and NDIS. For more information or to get started, visit kieser.com.au.

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