Salt Torquay estate construction begins

March 28, 2018 BY

Barwon Water managing director Tracey Slatter, Barwon Water project manager Tony Belcher and Lake and Land’s Anthony Webber at Salt Torquay.

WORK has started on Barwon Water’s showcase 7.5-star Salt Torquay housing development, with Barwon Water placing high priority on supporting local employment opportunities.

Geelong-based company Lake and Land have been appointed to undertake the estate’s civil construction works to turn the former water basin on Grossmans Road into a residential estate.

Works will include drainage, construction of new roads and pavements, service trenching, sewer and water reticulation and public lighting.

Barwon Water managing director Tracey Slatter said that the innovative estate will set a new standard for sustainable living in the region and deliver positive outcomes across a range of areas, including the environment, the local economy and customer prices, with profits from sales to be channelled into reducing pressure on Barwon Water’s customer bills across the region.

“Feedback shows there is a strong appetite for developments that incorporate sustainability features and a light environmental footprint, and we are proud to be leading the way in the region with Salt Torquay,”

Household solar and battery storage, smart water meters and electric car charging points will be standard features in each home, with a 250kW solar array on Barwon Water’s land opposite the estate contributing to the estate’s goal of generating its total energy demand via its own renewable sources.

Houses will be designed to harvest rainwater, which is expected to lead to 30 per cent less potable water use than the average home.

Each house will also have a minimum 7.5-star energy rating and smart water meters using Internet of Things technology will be integrated.

Integrated Water Cycle Management has been incorporated in the design of the estate, with swales, a raingarden, integrated landscaping and a nature playground as part of the stormwater retention system.

Construction works are expected to continue until late 2018 with vacant lots to be released to the market after they have received title, to allow purchasers to inspect a finished, titled lot before buying.

The estate is expected to provide a boost to the local economy with local contractors to drive more than $50 million of development.