Torquay Real Estate Agency Goes Au Naturel

April 19, 2024 BY

Despite the new name and appearance, the company's core values remain the same with the team remaining unchanged, retaining their passion and dedication to help people make their next property move.

One Agency Surf Coast, a leading Torquay real estate agency, has unveiled a new name and look this week, marking a significant milestone in its journey by transforming into Natural Real Estate.

Led by Shaun O’Callaghan, the company’s director, this rebranding initiative signifies a pivotal moment for the team to solidify its unique identity.

One Agency began its journey in 2016 with just a team of three, Shaun and Liz O’Callaghan along with Amanda Lee.

Since that time, the agency has grown to a team of eighteen who are genuinely focused on offering the highest level of service that they can, a natural trait that the team possess collectively.

Mr O’Callaghan said that the brand Natural, really stems from that basis as well as an awareness and acknowledgement of where we live and the natural environment that we get to enjoy.

“After operating under the One Agency umbrella for eight fantastic years, the timing felt right for us to carve out our own distinct brand,” Mr O’Callaghan explained.

“This change enables us to continue to do the work we know and love, just in bigger and better ways.”

Selecting the perfect name was akin to naming a cherished child, according to Mr O’Callaghan.

“The name ‘Natural’ is not only a nod to our local environment, but also reflects our steadfast commitment to a professional yet grounded approach to helping people achieve their property goals.

“We’ve woven this natural ethos into our brand’s visual identity, drawing inspiration from colours of our coastal environment.”

Mr O’Callaghan highlighted the rarity of a real estate agency adopting such a natural aesthetic.

“We recognised the opportunity for differentiation through our unique and creative look, aiming to help us – and our clients’ homes – to stand out from the crowd.”

Mr O’Callaghan said that he is so pleased to be able to develop their new independent brand direction with his teammates and expand on the identity within the marketplace that they have built over the last eight years.

“I’m a big believer in authenticity and I know that this brand expression from us comes from authentic origins.

“In the past week since we rebranded, the feedback has been so supportive and a sense of excitement from our current clients and for those who are yet to appoint us, they now have an even greater opportunity to stand out and be noticed.

“Same team, same DNA, and we’re now even more invigorated to deliver a great real estate experience.”

Despite the new name and appearance, Mr O’Callaghan says the company’s core values remain the same.

Expressing gratitude to the community for their support, O’Callaghan said that they are immensely grateful for the community’s overwhelming encouragement throughout this evolution.

“Your willingness to come on this journey with us fuels our determination to excel,” Mr O’Callaghan concluded.

For further details, please visit www.naturalrealestate.com.au