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Turn your master bedroom into a personal retreat

August 15, 2019 BY

THE master bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation; it should be where you go to recharge after a long day.

It’s perhaps the only room in your home that you can truly make your own, free from toys, clutter and the noise from the rest of the family.

So why not style it with things you love that make you feel calm and rejuvenated?
Metricon Homes’ Manager, Regional West, Simon Taylor says that in our busy lives, we often don’t take the time to create a personal retreat zone in our homes for downtime.

“A master bedroom is the perfect room for creating an environment for rest, relaxation and much needed reinvigoration.”
“It goes without saying that a master bedroom must have a comfortable bed, but what about the other details that can help make it feel like your personal oasis?

Here are Metricon Homes’ top tips for creating a comfortable and sophisticated master bedroom retreat.
Create mood
The first thing you usually notice in a bedroom is the overall colour palette, and your choice of paint greatly influences the mood of a room.

For instance, dark charcoals and inky blues ooze sophistication, whilst earthy tones and pastels are more romantic and relaxed.

You can also opt for a feature wall, especially if you’re looking at darker coloured paints but are worried about making the space feel smaller.
Mirrors, lighting, greenery, artwork and soft furnishings all contribute to the mood of a bedroom, so use these thoughtfully.
Choose furniture and objects that help you relax
You obviously need somewhere to sleep and store your belongings, but make sure you include all those extra things that bring you style, relaxation and comfort.

We’re increasingly spending more time in our bedrooms in the evenings – often with Netflix or a good book.

Make sure you have plenty of comfortable cushions to lounge back on, a convenient bedside table within reach for your cup of tea, and even consider investing in a chaise-lounge or day-bed if you aren’t keen on messing up your made bed!
Create zones
Like other rooms within your home, consider zoning your bedroom so that you can enjoy the activities that relax you.

Create a corner of the room where you can meditate, clear a space for a yoga mat or weights
for your morning exercise, or utilize a window seat as a perfect nook to curl up in with a book.
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