Kip McGrath provides a bright start for students after interrupted learning

December 15, 2021 BY

RPM managing director project marketing Luke Kelly said 2021 was a year of records for Victoria's greenfield land market.

After the first lockdown, Kip McGrath Torquay focused a lot on the resilience of its students to overcome unforeseen difficulties.

Now, at the end of the school year in 2021, they have reflected on the ongoing growth of students throughout the past two years.

Year 2 is a pivotal year for learning and our Year 2 cohort for 2022 have never been to school for a full year of learning the basics of maths and English.

Year 6 students entering their last year of primary school in 2022 only have their Year 3 experiences of an uninterrupted year of learning.

Victorian students spring boarding to secondary school haven’t had a full year of schooling since Year 4.

The experiences during secondary school are similar, with many students relying on their primary school English and maths skills as their solid foundation.

Although months of passive learning can be seen as a grim picture, having an awareness of the difficulties over the past two years can be the starting point for a brighter future.

Over that period, the number of students attending weekly sessions at Kip McGrath Torquay has grown 70 per cent as parents recognise the advantage their child has with the consistency provided by Kip McGrath’s qualified teachers.

Kip McGrath blended seamlessly from in centre to online as necessary – same teacher, same program, continual progress.

The successful Summer School program is taking enrolments now.

Week 1: Monday, January 10, 9.30am – 10.30am daily until Friday, January 14.
Week 2: Monday, January 17, 9.30am – 10.30am daily until Friday, January 21.

Five lessons for the week cost $300 per week.

Call Colleen 0414 298 844 to book. Limited spaces available.